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From a very young age Justin was thrown into the equestrian world having been born into a thriving family horse business in Shropshire. Through his early life and into his teen years Justin was heavily involved in show jumping and mounted games and with the latter sport he represented England on eight occasions, at the highest level with the Great Britain team and became British MGA Champion in 1995.

At the age of 18, Justin auditioned for a medieval jousting team about to embark on a World Tour which was to take in Europe, Asia and Russia and was successful. Valuable live stunt show experience was gained at this early age and many years on Justin was to form the Knights of the Damned - Jousting Team, an award winning modern day jousting stunt troupe. Please visit the website here, www.theknightsofthedamned.co.uk.

Through love of performing action and stunts in a live show format, Justin trained to become a professional stuntman and was accepted onto the prestigious British Stunt Register and since then has gone on to amass up to 200 credits in television and film, including Spectre, Skyfall, Avengers, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars and the Harry Potter Films.

Justin is now a full member of the Stunt Register and can co-ordinate stunts direct for production companies, whilst also keeping himself fit by performing in live horse stunt shows most weekends. Justin is also Actors Theatre School trained.

Justin is available for all aspects of stunt coordination, stunt work and stunt doubling. His current measurements are below: